Fittingly Cookie Policy

About the use of cookies on our site

Cookies serve a dual purpose: they ensure the proper functioning of our website and contribute to enhancing your online shopping experience. They achieve this through the following methods:

Your Shopping Experience

Cookies assist in recognizing your previous visits to our site, allowing us to personalise your experience. Additionally, they help us identify products you've placed in your basket but haven't yet completed the purchase.

Social Media

We utilise cookies from platforms such as Instagram to customise your shopping experience, making your time on our site more efficient and tailored to your preferences.


Cookies assist us in gauging the performance of our website and identifying the most popular pages. With this data, we can continually enhance our site and ensure we maintain appropriate stock levels of the right products.


Our aim is to display products tailored to your interests, which is why cookies from other networks, like Google and Bing, ensure you only encounter advertisements that are relevant to you.

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