Where Do You Deliver To?

We deliver anywhere throughout the length and breadth of Great Britain. Sorry to those in Northern Ireland – We would love to get to you too!

Being situated in the heart of Great Britain, we send all orders out on our vans so that we can ensure that everything gets to you in perfect condition.

Manufacturing Lead Time

We use our in house technology and tooling to manufacture every order bespoke to your requirements in our factory in Staffordshire.

As everything is bespoke, our lead time can differ from order to order – please get in touch and we’ll be able to give you an accurate timescale for your design.

How Will My Wardrobe Arrive?

Simply put, your order will arrive flat-packed, ready to be assembled at home.

If you choose the fully fitted option, one or more of our fitting team will come to your house on an agreed date to assemble and install your units, complete with trims and all finishing touches.

If you choose the flat-pack option, your order will arrive with full instructions and everything you need to assemble at home, you’ll need nothing more than a simple screwdriver, and perhaps a hammer or mallet to tap in dowels. If you choose to have adjustable legs, keep a saw handy to cut the plinth to size for a flush finish.

Whether you use our fitting service or do it yourself, you’ll have your new fitted wardrobe up and ready to go in no time.

How Will It Get To Me?

We deliver every order ourselves in our own, lovingly carpeted vans. That way we can pack everything carefully to ensure nothing gets damaged. We also try to minimize any unnecessary packaging, because there is enough waste in the world already.

Our deliveries are sent with a single driver, so there will need to be someone in to accept the delivery and possibly help with larger panels. You will also need to ensure there is space to put all of the panels.

If you require a 2 driver delivery, this can be arranged at an additional cost, so please let us know. We try our best to keep our delivery costs low, but we always try to accommodate where possible.