Step 1: Measure Your Space

Firstly, decide where you want your wardrobe to go and how much space you have to work with. You can find full instructions on how to measure on our How To Measure page.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about your dimensions. Use approximate measurements for now, and after you place your order, one of our designers will get in touch to go over all the finer details and ensure that everything is just right.

Measure the Height of Your Fitted Wardrobe

Step 2: Design Your Wardrobe

The next step is to use our our Wardrobe Designer to create the home storage solution of your dreams. Simply click and drag each unit into place, enter in the exact dimensions that you require and design your perfect wardrobe.

You can choose from various options; MDF, Melamine Board or Laminate Textures, and as many door options and colours as you could imagine!

You can have as many shelves, drawers and rails as you like, exactly where you want them. The possibilities are endless.

Once you’re ready, just click “Buy Now”. The price displayed includes everything to create your design.

Step 3: The Design Call

We want to make sure we get everything absolutely perfect for you. So after you make your purchase, one of our designers will arrange a call with you, to talk through your design in detail. You can give us photos of the space and we will help to ensure your design is just right.

We never begin manufacturing until we have double checked everything with you.

Step 4: We Get To Work

Once everything is approved, we prepare your order for manufacture. Everything we produce is manufactured at our 7,000SQFT factory in Staffordshire, so we have full control over the entire process.

This means that we can give you updates in real time about the progress of your order.

Step 5: We Deliver

Once your order is fully manufactured, finished and ready to be assembled, we carefully load it onto one of our own delivery vans and deliver it to your door at a time that is convenient for you.

We care a lot about the environment, by using our own, specially designed delivery vans we can minimize the use of packaging while maximizing the safety and security of your furniture. 

Step 6: Fully Fitted or Assemble At Home?

If you chose the fully fitted option, one or more of our fitters will come to your home at an agreed date after the delivery to assemble and fit your wardrobes. Your price includes everything to fully assemble and fit your design. Our skilled fitters will put your units together, secure them as needed and complete the fitting of trims to complete that fitted look.

Alternatively, if you chose the flat-pack option, it is now time to assemble your wardrobes. You can read more about how this is done on our how to install page. Don’t worry, your delivery will come with full and detailed instructions, tailored to your design and every panel is labelled clearly to help you to sort and assemble each unit with minimal effort.

Whatever fitting option you choose, your fitted wardrobes will be assembled and looking fabulous in no time!

Step 7: Enjoy It!

Sit back, admire and enjoy! There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from designing your own fitted wardrobe. Not to mention saving hundreds (or thousands) of pounds in the process!

Now you can really enjoy having a sleek, made for purpose fitted wardrobe to organise all the important things in your life.

Or just hide the junk.

We won’t tell!