Step 1: Measure Your Space

Firstly, decide where you want your wardrobe to go and how much space you have to work with. You can find full instructions on how to measure on our How To Measure page.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about your dimensions. Use approximate measurements for now, and after you place your order, one of our designers will get in touch to go over all the finer details and ensure that everything is just right. We never begin production until we have doubled checked everything and had your sign off.

If you want your wardrobes to go to full ceiling height, we recommend you add adjustable legs to your design, so that you have a level of fine adjustment to make sure the fit is perfect.

If you are working between 2 walls, we recommend you take 10mm (1cm) off your measurements to ensure the wardrobes fit.

Measure the Height of Your Fitted Wardrobe

Step 2: Design Your Wardrobe

The next step is to use our our Wardrobe Designer to create the home storage solution of your dreams. Our wardrobes are 100% modular – simply click and drag each unit into place, enter in the exact dimensions that you require and design your perfect wardrobe.

You can choose various options; chip board or Birch ply, framed or panel doors, border or no border, internals such as rails, shelves and drawers, and even choose from over 2,000 Dulux paint colours.

Once you have finished your design, double check the total dimensions and click “Add To Basket”.

Step 3: We Get To Work

Once you have placed your order, our skilled team of designers will carefully review your design and verify the final dimensions with you. Once signed off, we will then manufacture each unit to your exact specification.

Our unique technology feeds each order from the website into our order management system, to ensure that we get the correct dimensions every time, minimising time costs and opportunities for human error.

Each panel will be cut, routed and drilled as needed and labelled, ready for you to assemble and install at home. It simply goes together like a jigsaw, ready to push into place.

Bespoke Woodworking

Step 4: We Deliver

Once the manufacturing and painting processes (where applicable) are completed, your order will be carefully delivered by one of our trusted delivery partners.

Every order comes in flat pack form, ready to be assembled by you at home.

We aim to deliver all orders within 6 weeks of sign-off.

Step 5: Assembly At Home

The final step is for you to assemble and install your wardrobe!

Don’t worry, each unit comes with instructions and the assembly is straight forward thanks to our plug-and-play manufacturing process. In fact, it’s easier than most flat pack furniture, since the units are bespoke, so they don’t come with multiple holes that aren’t needed.

Once the units are assembled, you simply push them into place, make fine adjustments as needed via the adjustable legs (where applicable) and the spacers / trim that are included. Finally, everything can be bolted together and screwed to the wall for extra stability.

Some customers choose to use a line of decorators caulk to really finish the edges and perfectly integrate the wardrobe into the room. But that’s entirely your call!

Step 6: Enjoy It!

Sit back, admire and enjoy! There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from assembling your own fitted wardrobe. Not to mention saving hundreds (or thousands) of pounds in the process!

Now you can really enjoy having a sleek, made for purpose fitted wardrobe to organise all the important things in your life.

Or just hide the junk.

We won’t tell!