Assembling Your Wardrobes

Assembling your order from Fittingly is a breeze. Designed with the novice DIY-er in mind, everything has been developed with simplicity and strength at its core. Each order comes with full instructions for assembling your wardrobes, tailored to your specific configuration. All you need to do is assemble each unit, put them together and fit into place.

But just to give you an overview – here’s how the full process works.

First Thing’s First

Full and detailed installation instructions will be supplied with your order. This brief guide is designed to outline the installation process.

When your order arrives, the first thing to do is assemble the carcass of the wardrobe. If your unit is designed to be full ceiling height, add the legs first and build the carcass in situ (where it is intended to stay). Ensure the legs are wound to their shortest height so they can be risen to ceiling height at the end. The carcass includes both the exterior and any interior components such as rails, shelves and drawers. Use the instructions enclosed with your order if needed, but this should be a very intuitive process.

Once you have the carcass of the unit created, use your spirit level to make sure that all of the units are level.

Bolt Units Together

Next, if you have multiple units, fix them together using the fixings included. You will notice that there are holes in the side of the units, these should line up with those on the next unit. Using the bolts provided, put these together and tighten.

Pushed into place

Push Into Place

Now, you should have all of the units, stable and fixed together. Push into it’s resting place. This is the time to make any adjustments to the height that may be necessary using the adjustable legs. Use the additional cuts of wood supplied (which are cut to match the height of the units) to cover any gaps that you may have in the total width of the units. Choose the piece that best fits the gap and put into place for a snug fit. Detailed instructions will be supplied with your order.

Fix To The Wall

At the rear of the main units you will have fixed lengths of wood at an optimal height to the wall as noted in the instruction sheets – this is to allow you to fix the unit to the wall if necessary. In any “stack” of units, at least one of the higher units should be fixed to the wall – this will help with general stability. Now, simply screw through the unit into the length of wood and beyond into the wall to fix into place, as per the instructions supplied.

Mark Plinth And Cut

With all units now fixed into place, now is the time to add the finishing touch by adding a plinth. While we have cut this broadly to height for you, there may be a little additional tweaking required. rest assured this is the only element that requires cutting on site. Present the plinth on top of the provided 18mm spacers and mark on the plinth the height at which this needs to be cut. Cut to height and fix the plinth into place.

If you are looking for a seamless finish, now is the ideal time to go around the unit and use woodworkers caulk to plug in any gaps that may be present due to walls that aren’t quite level.

Fit The Doors

Fit the doors to any carcasses that require them – be sure to adjust the door hinges if needed. Note that if you have chosen a painted finish, we will have supplied a small amount of paint alongside your order, which can be used to touch up or finish any additional bits that you have.

And – well – that’s everything! Your beautiful new wardrobe, desk, drawers, loft conversion cupboard, understair storage (or whatever else you dreamt up!) is now installed! Take the opportunity to sit back, admire your handiwork and take a photo to show off! Feel free to share them with us – We always love to see what you’ve accomplished using our Wardrobe Designer!