How Easy Is It?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is: “How easy is it to assemble a fitted wardrobe?”

And hey, we totally get it. It can seem daunting to put together something like this. I mean, normally you would need a joiner wouldn’t you?

Well the answer is no you don’t. Our system is very straight forward. We have designed it from the ground up to be very easy for even the novice DIY’er to assemble. Plus we include full instructions with full colour pictures and actual words.

Of course if you would rather save yourself the trouble, simply choose our fully fitted option and we will do the hard work for you!

But if you want to take the flat-pack option, or you’re just curious, read below for an outline of the process.

First Thing’s First

The guide below is a brief outline to help you to understand the basic process of assembling a set of fitted wardrobes. Full, detailed instructions are sent with every order, but if you are interested you can download the full documents below:

The Fittingly Code

Your Fittingly wardrobes will come as a set of units. Each unit is assembled on its own, and then the units simply push together to create the finished product. It’s like a modular system, but each module is custom machined to your exact measurements.

Every component has a code engraved onto it in a carefully selected location that is hidden once assembled. This allows you to quickly identify and sort each piece. We call this “The Fittingly Code”.

The Fitting Process

Assemble Each Carcass

Each unit is self contained. Just put the sides, top and bottom together and slide in the back board.

Push Units Into Place

Push each individual unit into place, adjust legs as needed and screw the units to one another.

Add Shelves, Rails & Dividers

Now it’s time to add internals. Screw the rails into the pre-drilled holes and slot any shelves into place.

Add Finishing Trim & Doors

The final step, add the finishing trims (included as standard), and clip the doors onto their hinges.