The Fittingly Difference

Here at Fittingly, we believe that quality matters. When most people hear ‘flat-packed furniture’, they think low quality, cheap materials and a frustrating assembly experience.

At Fittingly, we’re a little different. We use only high quality wood and superior components, manufactured to your exact specifications using our simple plug-and-play assembly method.

We expect you’ll be pleasantly surprised. That’s the Fittingly difference.

What’s Included With Your Order?

Your order arrives flat-packed in minimal packaging, at a date and time of your choosing. A Fittingly order includes all of the components needed to bring your design to life at home. This includes any doors, hinges, screws, rails, feet and shelves that your design requires. Your order will include assembly guidance to help you install your home storage solution. Assembly is straightforward with components featuring an innovative labelling system and pre-drilled holes for ease.

What’s not included?

We don’t send the simple, everyday tools commonly found in most households – such as a screwdriver. We usually recommend you have access to a drill or electric screwdriver, particularly if you plan to anchor units to a wall.

Materials And Construction

Our cabinetry is built to last – to stand the test of time. Every element has been engineered to ensure stable construction without compromising on a beautiful aesthetic. Where most highstreet wardrobes are constructed of 16mm chipboard, we use 18mm high-density, deep-routing MDF. We don’t use softwood ply, we offer superior furniture-grade-plus Birch Ply. Our passion for quality extends to our soft-close hinges, draw-runners, rails, screws and dowels.

The brief guide below will help you choose the right material to complement your home:

Melamine-faced MDF

A great low-cost choice for a flawless finished product. Melamine-faced MDF is a thin, off-white plastic coating. It’s easy to maintain and wipe clean, and presents a simple sleek finish to any internal cabinetry. The plastic coating makes melamine unsuitable for doors, so you won’t see it offered as a door material choice.

Melamine-faced MDF is a great quality material, which doesn’t need priming, painting or treating – simply install and you’re ready to go.

18mm Deep-Routing MDF

Our deep-routing MDF is a high density, premium material that provides a solid and durable construction. The characteristics of the wood are perfect for sharp, well-defined edges and detailing. High-density MDF is less prone to warping or expanding than lower quality variants. Simply choose your finish to suit your desired result:

Unpainted – The lowest cost option, untreated MDF is designed to be primed and painted at home.

Primed – A great option for those looking to do their own painting at home. Primer ensures your MDF will not absorb water and swell. The white, chalky finish is ready for home-painting.

Primed & Painted – Choose from over 2,000 colours to be hand-sprayed for a stunning, professional finish.

Oak Veneer

A simply breathtaking choice. Combining the very best of European oak with the robust qualities of deep-routing MDF without the price tag of pure oak. The properties of oak veneer make it ideal for spanning greater lengths with more versatile shaping, that’s less susceptible to warping.

Oak veneer is a layer of oak bonded to the surface of the wood, and arrives with a high grade sand finish, ready to be treated at home.

Choose to apply a varnish or wood stain to match existing furniture or achieve your desired finish. Apply annually to retain a beautiful natural oak look over many years.

100% Birch Ply

Superior furniture-grade birch plywood offers a beautiful natural wood grain on the face, and consistently uniform layers along edges, without the ‘voids’ commonly seen in lower quality materials. As with natural woods, Birch plywood may display small knots, birch-patched areas and small breakouts (tiny splinters) along cut edges. Our manufacturing process ensures panels are sanded to a high-grade sand finish to minimise the appearance of natural imperfections.

Birch plywood provides a stunning aesthetic suitable for discerning tastes. The material can be assembled as-is, or you may choose to treat it with a clear varnish to retain the gorgeous, light woodgrain for longer. Alternatively, opt to stain your birch ply for a deeper, darker effect. Simply apply wood conditioner, and stain, before applying a clear varnish (which can be applied annually to keep the wood looking as good as the day it was delivered).

Hand Painted To Perfection

Our innovative Wardrobe Designer allows you to choose to have your doors and cabinetry expertly hand-sprayed in one of 2,000 Dulux colours. We use trusted Dulux Satinwood finish trade paint, which is applied by hand in our Staffordshire design studio.

With our high quality Fittingly panels, we use a ‘progressive-painting’ approach to reduce the cost of selecting a painted finish. Front-facing elements and other visible surfaces are given the full treatment – primed and painted for a beautiful professional finish. Non-visible faces, such as those designed to sit flush against a wall or hidden from view, will be primed only – keeping your order cost down with no impact whatsoever on the finished look of your design.

We think it’s best that way.