The Fittingly Difference

Here at Fittingly, we believe that quality matters. We want to save you money, but not at the expense of a solid product. For that reason, we reduce our costs by using innovative technology, not by skimping on the materials we use.

We use only high quality wood and superior components, manufactured to your exact specifications using our simple plug-and-play assembly method.

We expect you’ll be pleasantly surprised. That’s the Fittingly difference.

What’s Included With Your Order?

The Fully Fitted Option

If you choose the fully fitted option, we supply absolutely everything needed to assemble your units as well as one or more of our skilled fitters to assemble and install your units, complete with trims and finishing touches. By the time our fitters are finished your wardrobes will be fully fitted and ready to use. All you need to do is be on hand to receive the initial delivery and maybe provide a cup of tea!

The Flat Pack Option

If you choose flat-pack, we will send you all of the components needed to bring your design to life. This includes any doors, trims, hinges, screws, rails, feet & shelves that your design requires. You will receive full instructions to help you install your home storage solution. Assembly is straightforward thanks to our innovative labeling system. The only things we don’t include are the basic tools you will need, such as a screwdriver!

Materials And Construction

Our cabinetry is built to last – to stand the test of time. Every element has been engineered to ensure stable construction without compromising on a beautiful aesthetic.

Where most high-street wardrobes are constructed of 15mm chipboard, we use 18mm high-density, moisture resistant MDF if painted, and 18mm chipboard or MDF for our laminated materials. Our passion for quality extends to our soft-close hinges, double extension ball bearing draw-runners, rails, screws and dowels.

We offer many material options, but below are a few of the most popular. Please feel free to explore all of the options on our design tool!

Order Samples

Melamine-faced Chipboard

A great low-cost choice for a flawless finished product. Melamine-faced Chipboard is a thin, off-white plastic coating. It’s easy to maintain and wipe clean, and presents a simple sleek finish to any internal cabinetry.

Our Melamine-faced Chipboard is a great quality material, which doesn’t need priming, painting or treating – simply install and you’re ready to go. You’ll also spot that our chipboard isn’t the flimsy, flakey stuff that you may be used to. It’s solid, dense and built to last.

Textured Laminates

Our textured laminates are unique for a couple of reasons. The first is that they are the only available in chipboard – this makes them a little lighter than everything else on here, but we still maintain the 18mm thickness to ensure the life of your units. Secondly they are fully textured – this means that if you see a knot in the laminate, you will feel a knot in the laminate.

Completely pre-finished, these materials will require no upkeep and look as great in 10 years time as they do today.

19mm Acrylic Faced MDF

Our acrylics are fantastically high quality using a 1mm thick acrylic alongside an MDF core or Chipboard core (it depends which colour you opt for). The acrylic is easy to maintain, using warm water and a microfibre cloth, while also giving a beautiful, faultless finish. All of our acrylics are edgebanded to ensure that no MDF is seen from the exterior. Our acrylics are available for doors, worktops and end panels.

Painted MDF

You can choose to have your doors and/or cabinetry made from Painted MDF. If selected, we use our high quality moisture resistant MDF, which is primed, sanded and painted in our on site paint shop.

We are perfectionists, so we always work hard to achieve a stunning finish. Best of all, you can choose to have your furniture painted in any one of over 2,000 Dulux colours!

Hand Painted To Perfection

Our innovative Wardrobe Designer allows you to choose to have your doors and cabinetry expertly hand-sprayed in one of 2,000 possible colours. We use high quality pigmented MDF lacquer, specifically designed for our furniture, which is applied by hand in our Staffordshire sprayshop.

With our high quality Fittingly panels, we use a ‘progressive-painting’ approach to reduce the cost of selecting a painted finish. Front-facing elements and other visible surfaces are given the full treatment – primed and painted for a beautiful professional finish. Non-visible faces, such as those designed to sit flush against a wall or hidden from view, are left raw – keeping your order cost down and ensuring accuracy of fit with no impact whatsoever on the finished look of your design.

We think it’s best that way.