Project Description

Oiled Kendall Oak is by far our most popular laminated material and, when looking at this photo, it’s easy to see why.

The huge benefit of our laminated materials is that they are prefinished and require no after-care – they are ready to go. Our laminates have a wonderful ‘grain-effect’ implemented into the board, so you still get a lovely, tactile material that looks and feels the part.

Here we have a tricky design, one that needed to maximise storage space but also frame the existing windows so as not to block any light from the room. You’ll notice that, in order to fit the most storage possible into the space, we and the customer opted to have drawer units sit under the windows, meaning that the drawer tops can still provide useful shelf space for their picture frames and candles, while not encroaching on otherwise useful space.
Internally you will see that the customer has opted to have a couple of internal drawers, meaning that not all of the drawers are on show, keeping the exterior a little less busy.

You’ll notice that the customer opted not to have a top trim – this certainly simplifies the installation and gives the customer a little more leeway on their design, but it also allowed the customer to eke out a little additional width, as otherwise they would have been limited by their architrave. So often there are a large number of compromises to weigh up and we cannot help but feel that the customer made the right decision in this instance.

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